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Welcome to the Gymnastics Plus Dazzler Stars Program information!

Our gymnasts are recognized for their skill and spirit. 

They are consistently leaders in their schools, as well as on the competition floor.

We are different from the other competitive programs in the area -

In order to be competitive in gymnastics it's not neccessary for your child to train 25 - 30 hours per week.  For us it is important for a kid to be able to enjoy all that childhood has to offer, therefore our teams train fewer hours per week.  When they are at the gym they are expected to work hard and fast to get the job done.  Practices are scheduled for little down time.  Each gymnast becomes proficient at their level as well as training the next level up. 

The competitive teams at Gymnastics Plus are required to train all twelve months of the year.  All gymnasts will train on more advanced skills. The degree of additional training will depend on the level of perfection on skills required for their level of competition.  The readiness of a gymnast to compete at their level is very individual.  The length of necessary training time will vary with each gymnst. 

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